Chargeback Alerts

    Enhance your business’s dispute resolution capabilities with PayShields Chargeback Alerts Solutions. This comprehensive suite comprises three powerful products: Dispute Intelligence, Ethoca Alerts, and VISA Verifi Alerts. Tailored to address various aspects of chargeback challenges, these solutions collectively provide a robust framework for efficient dispute resolution and fraud prevention.



    What is the Dispute Alerts Suite?

    PayShield Dispute Alerts Suite is a robust and versatile set of solutions designed to elevate and streamline your dispute resolution processes. This comprehensive suite includes three powerful offerings: Alert Intelligence, Ethoca Alerts, and VISA Verifi Alerts, each addressing specific facets of the chargeback alerts landscape.

    Ethoca Alerts

    Extensive coverage for VISA and MasterCard transactions, providing rapid notification to merchants, and combating disputes efficiently.

    VISA Verifi Alerts

    VISA’s robust dispute resolution network. This solution minimizes VISA chargebacks, cuts fulfillment costs, and enables swift dispute resolution.

    (Add on) Dispute Intelligence

    Revolutionize chargeback management with Dispute Intelligence. Automate refunds, cut fees, and resolve issues swiftly. Works with both Ethoca and VISA Verifi.


    Ethoca Alerts

    Ethoca Alerts, owned by MasterCard, offers proactive management of payment disputes. Covering a substantial portion of MasterCard and Visa transactions, it provides early notice of potential disputes. Integrated seamlessly into existing software solutions, PayShields Ethoca Alerts offering can ensure a swift resolution workflow, allowing businesses to address issues within 24 hours and effectively manage credit card payment disputes.

      • Substantial coverage of both MasterCard and Visa transactions.
      • Early notice of potential disputes for prompt resolution
      • Seamless integration into existing software solutions
      • Swift workflow, address disputes within 24 hours of them occurring
      • Fully compatible with Dispute Intelligence


      VISA Verifi Alerts

      VISA Verifi’s two Alerts offerings are an integral part of the Verifi RESOLVE suite and have near full coverage within the VISA transaction network. Verifi RDR ensures rapid automated dispute resolution for VISA transactions, streamlining the refund process with customizable rules. Verifi CDRN meanwhile has extensive coverage in the VISA network and can provide insights on disputes within 72 hours.

        • Exemplary coverage over the VISA transaction network
        • Can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems
        • CDRN can be fully implemented within Dispute Intelligence

        Add-on Product

        Dispute Intelligence

        PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence transforms chargeback alert resolution. Dispute Intelligence provides merchants with the capability to seamlessly automate the processing of Verifi CDRN and Ethoca alerts. By enabling full or partial automation of refunds and offering customizable rule sets, Dispute Intelligence empowers businesses to gain control over their dispute alerts, significantly minimizing manual intervention. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also leads to lower chargeback ratios, reduced fees, and speedy resolutions.

          • Seamless response automation for chargeback alerts
          • Customizable rule sets for automatic refunding
          • Integrates with existing systems as a headless solution
          • Seamlessly resolves Ethoca Alerts and Verifi CDRN alerts
          • Compatible with Verifi RDR for notification functionality
          • Empowers merchants and providers with full control of the dispute resolution process

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