White Label Solutions

PayShield’s White Label Service allows operators to deliver a custom-branded dispute alert offering. You control the details of the offering while benefiting from our industry expertise and technological know-how.



What is PayShields White Label Service?

PayShields White Label service is our technology, expertise and industry relationships with your brand. Highly customisable to meet the needs of the operator you control the final offering to your customers. With quick turnarounds available we tailor the solution to your needs.

Fully Customizable

Deliver dispute alerts to your customers with no mention of the PayShield brand.

Full Control

You have full control of the offering right down to the customer level.

Leverage Our Expertise

Use our knowledge, skills, systems and relationships to profitably deliver alerts to your customers


How the White Label Service Works

Get in contact with our team to start talking through your needs.

Our experts discuss your needs and work with you to specify requirements.

Our team works with you to deliver a custom branded dispute alerts offering.


White Label Solutions

Utilize our infrastructure, expertise and relationships to deliver a fully featured dispute alerts offering for your customers. Fully customisable, your brand will be front and centre with no mention of PayShield and with exactly the functionality you need. From headless integrations to full custom-branded customer portals PayShield provides a tailored and efficient solution for delivering dispute alert services directly to your customers and associates.

    • Quick Turnaround
    • Fully Customised Solution
    • Non-English Implementations Available
    • Full Support During and After Implementation
    • Your Brand, Our Systems and Know-How

    Want a White Label Solution?

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