Verifi RDR

A part of PayShield’s Auto Resolution suite, empower your business with Verifi RDR, the pioneering solution in automated dispute management. Say goodbye to manual review processes and lengthy chargeback resolutions. With Verifi RDR, merchants can resolve disputes at the pre-dispute stage, preventing unnecessary chargebacks and improving customer satisfaction.



What is Verifi RDR?

Verifi RDR, or Rapid Dispute Resolution, is a groundbreaking collaboration between Visa and Verifi. It introduces a fully automated dispute management solution that enables seamless collaboration between sellers, issuers, and acquirers. By setting predefined rules, merchants can determine when disputes should be automatically resolved with a refund or escalated by the issuer, streamlining the dispute resolution process.

Automated Resolution

Swiftly resolve chargebacks. Automate repetitive processes ensuring quick handling of disputes.

Customizable Rules

Set rules tailored to your business needs for automated dispute handling

Improved Customer Experience

Enhance customer satisfaction by resolving disputes quickly and efficiently.


How Verifi RDR Works

1. Dispute Initiated

Customer initiates dispute and issuing bank issues alert. Dispute Intelligence references merchants custom rule set. Moves to processing.

2. Automated Processing

Verifi RDR evaluates the dispute based on predefined rules set by the merchant

3. Dispute Resolved

Disputes meeting the criteria are automatically refunded, preventing chargebacks


Verifi RDR

Integrate Verifi RDR seamlessly into your dispute management strategy to streamline operations and protect your bottom line. Benefit from standardized dispute resolution frameworks, quick dispute resolutions, and expert support.

    Visa-Certified Solution: Adheres to Visa’s standards for dispute resolution.

    Automated Pre-Dispute Resolution: Resolve disputes before they escalate into chargebacks.

    Expert Support: Access expert assistance to set up and optimize your dispute resolution rules.

    Maintain Issuer Coverage: Ensure global coverage with participation from over 200 countries.

    Ready to integrate with Verifi RDR?

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