Dispute Intelligence

A part of PayShield’s Auto Resolution suite, optimise chargeback resolution with PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence. Effortlessly automate and optimize dispute management processes. Enjoy proactive control, reduced fees, lower fulfilment costs and systems-level integration. Do chargebacks smarter with PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence.



What is Dispute Intelligence?

Dispute Intelligence is your smart ally in chargeback management. It seamlessly integrates into your systems, enabling fully or partially automated refunds off the back of chargeback alerts. Merchants benefit from customized rule sets, empowering them to decide which alerts to automatically refund or handle manually. Enhance efficiency, reduce fees, and achieve speedy resolutions with PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence.

Customizable Automation

Tailored rules for automated handling designed to fit the merchant’s needs.

Smart Resolution

Swiftly resolve chargeback alerts. Automate repetitive processes ensuring quick handling of disputes.

Universal Compatiability

Full support for Ethoca, Verifi CDRN and Verifi RDR alerts. Reduce overheads and optimize performance.


How Dispute Intelligence Works

1. Dispute Initiated

Customer initiates dispute and issuing bank issues alert. Dispute Intelligence activated from incoming chargeback alert and references merchants custom rule set. Moves to processing.

2. Automated Processing

Based on merchants’ preset rules, Dispute Intelligence automatically processes partial or full refund.

3. Dispute Resolved

Outcome passed to issuing bank.  Dispute resolved and chargeback avoided.


Dispute Intelligence

PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence is a revolution in chargeback alert management, enabling merchants to seamlessly automate dispute alert processing. This versatile product integrates into existing systems, offering a headless software solution to merchants, ISO’s and PayFacs. With full compatibility for Ethoca and CDRN alerts, merchants are set up with custom rule sets that can automatically handle all chargeback alerts.

Empowered by Dispute Intelligence, businesses gain full control over their chargeback alerts, minimizing manual intervention, lowering chargeback ratios, reducing fees, ensuring speedy resolutions, and protecting their fulfilment processes.

    • Seamless, automated handling of chargeback alerts.
    • Fully headless software solution.
    • Full compatibility with Ethoca and CDRN alerts.
    • Minimizes manual intervention.
    • Lowers chargeback ratios.
    • Reduces fees.
    • Protects your fulfilment processes.

    Ready to integrate with Dispute Intelligence?

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