AI-Driven Chargeback
& Fraud Protection

  • Chargebacks ratios above 1%?
  • Stuck in a chargeback monitoring program?
  • Lost or at risk of losing your merchant facility?

Increase win rates, improve customer relationships and recover your revenue!

AI-powered fraud prevention tools gives you greater accuracy & powerful insight

Tactical management of disputes and chargebacks saves you time and money

We combine AI and advanced analytics to minimize fraud & maximise revenue for your business. Start recovering lost revenue today!

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An effective chargeback prevention strategy can significantly
reduce the amount of revenue lost to chargebacks.

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Powerful Fraud Monitoring Tools that Defend Against Chargebacks PayShield arms merchants with a suite of tech-driven solutions to detect & protect against fraud, chargebacks and recover
lost revenue.

Enhanced Automation

Automate tasks and streamline processes so you can focus on growing your business with confidence. PayShield's technology removes the complexities of payment disputes and simplifies chargeback workflows.

Fraud & Chargeback Prevention Alerts

Receive instant notification every time a customer initiates a dispute and resolve before it becomes a chargeback. 

Comprehensive Analytics

Leading technology delivers unmatched accuracy and helps solve issues at the source. Access to key metrics to interpret and analyse alert and chargeback data.

AI Powered Response

Smart dispute responses to help you win more disputes and optimise your revenue. Merchant controlled rules exclusive to your site, payment process or industry to identify fraudulent activity.

Why Choose PayShield

Integrated fraud & dispute management tools from the one platform

Automated rule-based refund logic
to secure revenue

Machine learning and
AI Powered solutions

Tailor made solutions that meet
your business needs

Access to multi-lingual
call centre operations

Advanced analytics & customised
reporting available in real-time

Cost Savings Calculator Get an estimation of how much your business could save annually with PayShield’s chargeback management solutions

Number of chargebacks per month
How many chargebacks does your business receive per month?

Average transaction value
Average transaction value ?

Fraud & Chargeback Management Solutions Drive profits and improve customer experience with PayShield’s integrated solutions platform. We provide a suite of digital fraud prevention and chargeback management tools that can be customised to your business' needs.

Prevent & Reduce Loss

Stop Fraudulent transactions before they occur and cost your business revenue

  • Address / Country Verification
  • Secure 2 Factor Authentication or SMS verification
  • Frictionless EMV 3DS – Shifts Liability
  • Account Defence– Fake Accounts, Device Fingerprinting
  • Pre-Auth ID Verification
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Merchant Descriptor Enhancement
  • Merchant Checklist
  • Risk-Based Authentication (for high risk logins)
  • Complete fraud & chargeback management framework and response plan tailored to your business

Dispute & Resolve

Automated alerts and responses help resolve disputes before they become chargebacks

  • Call Centre Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Education
  • Chargeback Education
  • Staff Training

Analyse & Automate

Automated alerts and responses help resolve disputes before they become chargebacks

AI technology and machine learning helps merchants identify trends and provides detailed data and analytics that inform and promote pre-emptive action.

Penetration Testing to Mitigate Cyber Security Risk penetration test is an authorised attempt to hack and gain access to an organisations data assets. Its purpose is to identify vulnerabilities so that they are identified, and rectified before any potential cyber attack.

PayShield Provides:

  • Web application penetration testing
  • Mobile application penetration testing
  • Network and Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning for web and networks
  • Internal penetration testing
  • External penetration testing
  • SCADA penetration testing

The Benefits:

  • Achieve compliance for industry standards such as PCI DSS and others
  • Avoid potential high costs and reputation damage due to data breach and data loss
  • Receive an independent comprehensive report with actionable recommendations
  • Gain confidence that your web app, mobile app and networks are secure prior to launch

Seamless Integration Process Our integration process ensures any PayShield technology is functioning and integrated correctly into your existing systems and is optimised for your business objectives.

PayShield can be integrated as a middleware, filtering any suspicious or fraudulent transactions before they get to the Payment Processor.

PayShield can be integrated into the Payment Processor. In this implementation the Payment Processor will validate the transaction with PayShield prior to the transaction being processed.

Lastly, PayShield can be integrated into the merchant for fraud filtering. Once verified, the Merchant forwards the successful transaction to the Payment Processor.

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