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Fraud and chargeback mitigation solutions for PSPs, ISOs, PayFacs, Merchant Aggregators and Ecommerce Merchants.


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We are

PCI DSS 4.0 Compliant

Service Provider Level 1

At PayShield, we prioritize your security. Our recent achievement includes obtaining compliance and certification for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 4.0 Service Provider Level 1. This underpins our commitment to upholding the highest standards of security and integrity for your cardholder data. The certification demonstrates our capability to safely handle card data, reaffirming our role as a reliable partner dedicated to safeguarding your information.

Seamless Integration

Products & Services We Offer


Prevent disputes from ever occurring

Digital Receipts

Enhance user trust and reduce chargeback risk with PayShield.

3D Secure

Secure your payment pages with PayShield and 3D Secure.

Compelling Evidence 3.0

Unlock strong evidence and documentation to challenge chargebacks effectively with PayShield.


Resolve disputes before they become chargebacks

Chargeback Alerts

Stop chargebacks with PayShield’s proactive alerts suite, offering both Ethoca and Verifi CDRN alerts.

Auto Resolution

With Verifi RDR and Dispute Intelligence, set customized rules to auto-refund disputes in real-time.

Why Payshield?

Innovation & Brilliance

Our commitment to redefining the online payments landscape is unparalleled, driven by a fusion of cutting-edge technology and exceptional expertise. With an executive team boasting over 30 years of industry mastery, including the architects of MasterCard Internet Gateway System (MIGS) and Verified by VISA, we offer intelligent solutions that mitigate fraud and streamline transactions. PayShield transforms digital payment friction into opportunities for seamless, secure experiences. We go beyond industry standards, leveraging our extensive network and global reach to provide tailor-made, high-level solutions, making us the trusted choice for forward-thinking businesses in the ever-evolving digital payment realm.



PayShield stands at the forefront of the online payments industry, boasting an executive team with over 30 years of collective expertise. The company was founded by the masterminds behind the MasterCard Internet Gateway System (MIGS) and played pivotal roles in designing and implementing Verified by VISA. With headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and international offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Singapore, PayShield provides intelligent solutions that revolutionize digital transactions. Their expertise lies in delivering high-level, customized technical solutions for online payment providers, specializing in fraud and chargeback mitigation for PSPs, ISOs, PayFacs, Merchant Aggregators, and Ecommerce Merchants. Collaborating closely with industry leaders like VISA, MasterCard, Ethoca, HITRUST, and Verifi, PayShield leverages its extensive network and industry acumen to drive success for customers and partners.

Industry experts


Bruce Parker


Founder / Director

Bruce Parker, founder and Director of PayShield Technology, is a financial services executive with a trailblazing career in online payments, dating back to the late 90s. Renowned for his industry influence, technical acumen, and adept problem-solving, he’s a vital force in fintech.


Executive Director

Kris Robinson, Executive Director at PayShield Technology, is focussed on driving growth in ecommerce. With extensive online business experience since 2000 and a focus on exceptional user experience, he’s a leader in innovation and effective problem-solving within the financial sector.


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Reduce Chargebacks, Increase Revenue.