Chargeback Protection
100% Guaranteed

Level up your fraud protection with ZERO liability for fraudulent chargebacks. With PayShield, you’re covered against any fraudulent or unauthorized transaction that results in a chargeback.

Chargeback Protection 100% Guaranteed

Resolve disputes before they become a chargebacks.

AI Powered
Fraud Decisioning

Merchant controlled rules exclusive to your business, payment process or industry. 


Remove the complexities of payment disputes and simplify chargeback workflows.

Big Data &

Access to key metrics to interpret and analyse alert and chargeback data.

Flexible, sophisticated and scalable

Powerful Fraud Monitoring Tools that Defend Against Fraud and Chargebacks


We leverage the expertise of our fraud team to help businesses  develop sustainable fraud prevention strategies that optimise revenue and streamline the customer payment journey whilst successfully mitigating fraud and risk. 

coverage of eligible fraud-related chargebacks
100% coverage of eligible fraud-related chargebacks, eliminates unexpected losses
Increase win rates
Increase win rates, improve customer relationships and recover your revenue!
AI-powered fraud prevention tools
AI-powered fraud prevention tools gives you greater accuracy & powerful insight
Tactical management
Tactical management of disputes and chargebacks saves you time and money

CNP Fraud Prevention & Guaranteed Chargeback Protection

PayShield’s comprehensive platform and expert fraud team are equipped to help any merchant from any industry

Start recovering lost revenue today!

eCommerce Fraud
Protection Platform

PayShield’s eCommerce Fraud Prevention platform comprises an extensive network of proprietary and third party fraud protection tools that are trusted by merchants to reduce eCommerce payments fraud, protect against chargebacks and optimise revenue.

Powered by advanced machine learning models and reinforced by PayShield’s industry expertise, merchants can generate additional revenue through fraud-free transactions and increased approval rates.

The Highlights:

Why Customers Choose PayShield

Unmatched Protection

Frictionless fraud and chargeback prevention that helps you identify more genuine customers and generate more revenue

One Comprehensive Platform
One Comprehensive

PayShield provides a range of solutions that protect against fraud and chargebacks built into a comprehensive platform

AI-Driven Logic

We combine Artifical Intelligence with big data to help automate decisions to reduce friction and improve customer experiences


Customisable solutions that meet
unique business needs

Professional Services
Professional Services

Access to additional specialised chargeback management and consulting services

Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing

We offer a range of solutions and pricing options to meet your goals

Take the first step in preventing & fighting chargebacks. Contact our team today!

Schedule a free chargeback appraisal for your business

 Understand the impact unmanaged chargebacks are having on your business revenue

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