Digital Receipts

Experience a new level of transaction clarity with PayShields Digital Receipts. This digital version of traditional transaction receipts delivers comprehensive details on a charge, preventing disputes and fostering trust between customers and merchants.



What are Digital Receipts?

Digital Receipts are the digital version of the traditional paper-based receipts a customer would receive in brick-and-mortar businesses. They provide customers with an instant digital record of a charge at the point of processing. If a customer later becomes unsure about a charge they can search for the merchant name in their email and the receipt will provide details of the transaction.

Clear Record of Transaction

An instant detailed, digital record of the transaction. Provides certainty and clarity to the customer.

Dispute Prevention

Customers find receipts by merchant name, reducing forgotten transactions and preventing disputes.

Supporting Evidence

Provides additional evidence for merchants when resolving disputes or dealing with customer enquiries.


How Digital Receipts Work

Customer is charged by the merchant.

PayShield Digital Receipt integration sends a detailed purchase receipt to the customer and records it for the merchant.

Customers receive a comprehensive receipt outlining the charge, while merchants maintain a detailed record for future reference.


Digital Receipts

PayShields Digital Receipts not only prevent disputes but also enhance the post-transaction experience. Transparent, secure, and customer-friendly, they serve as an important tool for merchants and a trusted record for customers.

    • Increase Customer Trust
    • Reduce Disputes
    • Reduce Customer Confusion
    • Add Supporting Evidence for Charges
    • Strengthen Customer Experience

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