All-in-one management solution

Fraud Protection, Plus+ Payments

End-to-end platform to process your payments and manage risk all in one place, whilst increasing revenue.Β 

The Ultimate End-To-End Platform for Payment Processing and Fraud Management

PayShield Plus+ redefines the standard for an all-in-one payments management solution, focusing not just on processing transactions but on safeguarding your revenue at every step. Designed for merchants, payment facilitators, payment service providers, and payment aggregators, our platform addresses the intricate challenges of fraud prevention, risk management, and chargeback resolution through one integrated platform.

With PayShield Plus+, you can:

  • One Platform, Multiple Acquirers: Unlock a world of options with our integrated marketplace of acquiring providers, all accessible from a single, intuitive dashboard. Seamlessly select your preferred partners and benefit from pre-tested integrations supporting diverse payment methods and currencies, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for your business.


  • Flexible Payment Solutions: Empower your payment processing strategy with unparalleled flexibility. From traditional methods to cutting-edge alternatives like bank transfers and digital wallets, our platform allows you to tailor payment options to match issuer preferences, cardholder needs, and country-specific requirements. Maximize efficiency with low-cost routing and optimize your payment ecosystem effortlessly.


  • Navigate Disputes with Ease: Effortlessly tackle post-transaction disputes with our advanced risk management tools. Benefit from real-time dispute alerts, automated resolutions, and support for Order Insights and Consumer Clarity. Manage disputes efficiently to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensure smooth transactions and, importantly, reduce chargebacks.


Seamlessly integrate with third-party apps, process payments through our gateway, and explore opportunities within our acquirer’s marketplace for enhanced business growth.



Maximize transaction efficiency and security. Utilize our integrated solutions, including low-cost routing, for cost-effective payment processing.



Effectively handle post-transaction disputes. Utilize advanced risk tools to protect your business, reduce chargebacks, and boost revenue growth.



  • ο€ŒMarketplace of Acquiring Providers
  • ο€ŒWebsite review and background on merchant websites
  • ο€ŒMerchant onboard white-label registration linked to KYB and KYC
  • ο€ŒIntegrations with any services like TSYS, NMI, Fluidpay, EPS etc
  • ο€ŒCart integration options




  • ο€Œ3DS 2.2 / PCI compliant payment links, QR Payments and support for Token Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • ο€ŒTransaction confirmation with OTP and Communication confirmation
  • ο€ŒIntegration to Delivery Tracking
  • ο€ŒPayment and low-cost routing for acceptance optimisation
  • ο€ŒInternal and external fraud mitigation tools




  • ο€ŒReal-Time Dispute Alerts (Verifi CDRN and Ethoca)
  • ο€ŒAuto Resolution with Verifi RDR and Dispute Intelligence (By PayShield)
  • ο€ŒSupport for Verifi Order Insights and Ethoca Consumer Clarity
  • ο€ŒeMerchant Support (EMS) - Customer Support Page
  • ο€ŒChargeback Management and Representments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayShield Plus

It is an all-in-one payments management solution, focusing on risk management, fraud prevention, and chargeback resolution. Its comprehensive suite of dispute tools empower merchants, payment faciliators and aggregators to process and handle transactions securely, addressing the complex challenges of payments in one integrated platform.

Who we service

At PayShield Plus+, our focus is to to empower the key players in the e-commerce and payment processing ecosystem. Whether you’re handling high volumes of transactions daily or facilitating seamless payment experiences, our platform is engineered to enhance and protect your operations. We cater to:

  • High-Volume E-commerce Merchants: Elevate your online store’s performance with robust fraud prevention and optimized payment processing designed to keep pace with your growth and safeguard your revenue.
  • Payment Facilitators: Simplify your clients’ payment operations with our comprehensive solutions. Offer them peace of mind with advanced fraud detection and streamlined transaction processing, all under your brand.
  • Payment Aggregators: Enhance your aggregation services with our flexible, secure, and efficient payment processing tools. Provide added value to your merchants through seamless integration and unparalleled risk management.
  • Payment Service Providers: Stand out in the competitive payment services market with our cutting-edge technology. Offer your clients more than just processing; provide them the assurance of security, the efficiency of operations, and the support of an expert team dedicated to their success.

In partnering with PayShield Plus+, you’re choosing a platform that understands the intricacies of your business and is committed to driving your success in the digital payments landscape.

Why choose us

30 years of industry experience and commitment to innovation make us the ideal partner for your payment needs. Led by industry veteran and company founder Bruce Parker, and market luminary and Executive Director Kris Robinson, our team brings unparalleled expertise and passion to every project.


Our deep industry knowledge and technical prowess enable us to offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of online payments. From streamlining transactions to tackling fraud and chargebacks, we deliver innovative solutions that ensure a secure and seamless payment experience for our clients.


With a global presence spanning across the USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and expanding into the UK and Europe, we’re strategically positioned to serve clients worldwide. Our partnerships with industry leaders like VISA, MasterCard, and Ethoca further enhance our capabilities, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving payments landscape.


At PayShield, we don’t just provide solutionsβ€”we build lasting relationships. Our extensive network of industry contacts and deep-rooted partnerships empower us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Choose PayShield for innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of online payments.


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