Compelling Evidence

Empower your dispute resolution strategy with PayShield and Compelling Evidence. Our solutions enable Visa’s latest Compelling Evidence 3.0 guidelines, providing a much improved, standardized framework for submitting historical purchase evidence. 



What is Compelling Evidence 3.0?

Compelling Evidence 3.0 is Visa’s latest set of guidelines, facilitating standardized evidence submission for merchants dealing with disputed transactions. Key features include improvements to historical purchase evidence submission and reduced data point requirements for matching past transactions. Merchants take advantage of Compelling Evidence 3.0 by integrating with Visa’s Order Insight service.

Visa-Certified Framework

Compelling Evidence 3.0 is Visa-certified, ensuring adherence to their standards for evidence submission.

Historical Purchase Evidence

Merchants can submit historical purchase evidence, including account/login ID, delivery address, device fingerprint, and/or IP address.

Improved Matching Requirements

Only two pieces of evidence need match on each of two prior transactions. Special dispensation for recurring billing.


How Compelling Evidence Works

Customer disputes a transaction. Merchant notified.

Merchant collects historical purchase evidence from prior transactions.

The evidence is evaluated, leading to a resolution of the dispute.


Compelling Evidence

Enhance dispute resolution efficiency by leveraging Compelling Evidence.  Seamlessly integrate with Visa’s Order Insight offering through PayShield. For MasterCard transactions, integrate with Mastercard’s Consumer Clarity through PayShield. Benefit from standardized evidence frameworks, quick dispute resolutions, and expert support.

    • Visa & Mastercard Certified Solutions
    • Use Your Historical Purchase Evidence
    • Special Consideration for Recurring Billing Transactions
    • Avoid Chargebacks
    • Full Integration Support

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