Auto Resolution

    Elevate your dispute management capabilities and safeguard your business with PayShield’s Auto Resolution suite. By seamlessly integrating Dispute Intelligence and Verifi RDR into your systems, you can efficiently handle disputes while mitigating their impact. With customizable rule sets and automated refund processes, our solutions empower merchants to take control of their dispute resolution workflows.



    What is the Auto Resolution Suite?

    The Auto Resolution Suite from PayShield offers a comprehensive approach to handling automated dispute resolution, consisting of two powerful products: Dispute Intelligence and Verifi RDR. With a focus on automation and efficiency, our suite enables merchants to streamline their dispute resolution processes, reduce fees, and protect their bottom line.

    Seamless Integration

    Integrate Dispute Intelligence and Verifi RDR seamlessly into your existing systems for effortless implementation.

    Customisable Rule Sets

    Tailor rule sets to match your business requirements, allowing you to automate refund processes and handle disputes with precision.

    Efficient Chargeback Management

    Reduce manual intervention and minimize the impact of chargebacks on your business operations.


    Dispute Intelligence

    PayShield’s Dispute Intelligence transforms chargeback alert resolution by providing merchants with advanced automation capabilities. With Dispute Intelligence, merchants can seamlessly automate the processing of Chargeback Alerts, customize rule sets, automate refunds and easily integrate multiple solutions into their existing systems. Key features include:

      • Seamless automation of chargeback alerts.
      • Customizable rule sets for automatic processing, including auto-refunds.
      • Integration with existing systems as a headless solution.
      • Fully compatible with Ethoca and Verifi CDRN alerts.
      • Empowerment for merchants – control the dispute resolution process.


      Verifi RDR

      Verifi RDR (Rapid Dispute Resolution), offers a groundbreaking solution for automated dispute management. By leveraging predefined rules and automated resolution processes, Verifi RDR enables merchants to resolve disputes at the pre-dispute stage, preventing unnecessary chargebacks and improving customer satisfaction. Key features include:

        • Real-time resolution of disputes through auto-refunds.
        • Customizable rules tailored to business needs.
        • Enhanced customer experience with quick dispute resolutions.
        • Visa-certified solution adhering to industry standards.
        • Expert support for setting up and optimizing dispute resolution rules.

        Ready to integrate with the Auto Resolution Suite?

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