Kris Robinson

Executive Director

Driving Innovation and Growth at PayShield Technology

Meet Kris Robinson, a seasoned Executive Director at PayShield Technology, bringing over two decades of experience in the digital realm. Kris is a forward-thinking digital executive with a singular focus on propelling the growth of ecommerce businesses and fostering innovation within the industry.

With a passion for leadership, Kris revels in guiding teams to deliver top-notch products rooted in innovation and an exceptional user experience. His journey in the online business domain began in 2000, and since then, he has held a spectrum of high-profile roles, primarily serving as a vital member of executive teams, often in the capacity of Chief Operations Officer.

Before stepping into his current role as Executive Director, Kris served as the Chief Operations Officer for PayShield Technology, showcasing his expertise in orchestrating operational excellence within the organization. Throughout his career, Kris has worked across diverse sectors, including financial services, online gambling, and various other online service businesses. His experience spans both private enterprises and publicly listed companies, equipping him with a well-rounded understanding of business needs and reporting requirements.

Kris’s forte lies in identifying and crafting solutions for the multifaceted challenges encountered within the businesses he’s involved with. This prowess extends from tackling internal organizational issues to solving broader challenges faced by customers and partners. Combining deep technical knowledge in software development with a profound understanding of the financial services industry, Kris is adept at creating tailored business solutions that align with the unique needs of each venture.

Part of what sets Kris apart is his exceptional communication skills, enabling him to not only pinpoint problems but also to effectively implement and communicate solutions. He thrives on the amalgamation of technical expertise, business acumen, and his wealth of hands on experience, consistently delivering unparalleled business solutions.

Beyond the professional realm, Kris is an avid sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for basketball. Having played the sport in his earlier years, he now channels his passion into coaching and supporting basketball teams, embodying teamwork and dedication both on and off the court.

As an Executive Director at PayShield Technology, Kris Robinson stands as a driving force, propelling the company towards a future marked by technological advancement, business growth, and customer-centric solutions.

Bruce Parker