Bruce Parker

CEO & Founder

Pioneering the Future of FinTech at PayShield Technology

Meet Bruce Parker, the visionary Founder, CEO and Director of PayShield Technology. Bruce’s illustrious career spans the early evolution of online payment solutions and he’s been involved in the industry since the mid 90s. Bruce is a true industry luminary, renowned for his pivotal role in revolutionizing the online financial services landscape.

Currently serving as Director at PayShield Technology, Bruce’s journey in the financial domain began in the early 80s. With extensive experience in accounting, auditing, and financial management, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of all facets of financial operations.

Bruce’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to establish and lead multiple successful businesses, earning him the esteemed position of CEO in numerous online payment ventures. Notably, Bruce was instrumental in the creation of Verified by VISA, a testament to his innovation and influence in shaping the online payments industry.

What sets Bruce apart is his unparalleled knowledge of the online payments sector, coupled with a deep well of technical expertise. He possesses an extraordinary ability to comprehend the intricate needs of partners and customers, deftly crafting solutions that align with all stakeholders’ interests.

Beyond his technical prowess, Bruce is deeply embedded within the industry, boasting an extensive network of contacts, including key players like VISA and Mastercard. His astute awareness of commercial realities allows him to navigate and address challenges faced by customers and partners, making him an indispensable asset to the industry.

In his personal pursuits, Bruce has a passion for fishing and dabbles in aquaculture, a testament to his diverse interests and commitment to continuous learning.

As Founder and Director at PayShield Technology, Bruce Parker continues to shape the trajectory of the financial technology landscape, propelling innovation and paving the way for a more secure and efficient digital future.

Bruce Parker