PayShield partners with Verifi to extend pre-dispute coverage in the Australian market

Written by PayShield

February 3, 2021

In collaboration with Verifi, PayShield enhances the capabilities of ‘Express Resolve’ – PayShield’s powerful dispute alert management solution that offers pre and post-transaction fraud and chargeback protection for eCommerce merchants.

1 February 2021: PayShield, a new player in the eCommerce fraud prevention and dispute management industry, has partnered with Verifi, A Visa Solution, to deliver enhanced capabilities for PayShield’s ‘Express Resolve’, a leading near real-time chargeback prevention solution in Asia Pacific.

The partnership leverages Verifi’s PREVENT, RESOLVE and INFORM pre-dispute management products to help protect eCommerce merchants from fraud, disputes and chargebacks, and increase profits through a single fraud and dispute management platform.

PayShield’s ‘Express Resolve’ has been engineered to ensure merchants of any size can capitalise on this solution, offering unique industry-specific APIs and a host of customisable value-add services that enhance automation, increase pre-dispute resolution rates, and protect bottom-lines.

Supported by Verifi’s suite of pre-dispute management products, PayShield’s ‘Express Resolve’ now empowers online merchants to deflect pre-disputes at first customer inquiry, obtain automated and immediate dispute resolution based on merchant-defined rules, and leverage access to fraud and dispute notifications post transaction to reduce future payment risk.

“PayShield has invested an incredible amount of time, effort and resources into developing and testing our unique API and we are thrilled to be able to offer our ‘Express Resolve’ product to APAC merchants in partnership with Verifi,” said Daryn Griggs, CEO of PayShield.

“The ability for online businesses to quickly and accurately identify and respond to fraud issues and disputes, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, is critical to their revenue protection and ultimate success.

Through the PayShield and Verifi relationship, merchants benefit from a global pre-dispute coverage that enables them to identify, resolve, and respond at unmatched velocity, which in turn, delivers higher successful resolution rates and greater cost savings,” he said.

Matthew Katz, CEO at Verifi, commented, “Verifi is excited to announce our new relationship with PayShield, signaling our company’s first partner based in Australia. Extending global coverage by creating meaningful relationships with partners is important for us to enable sellers and issuers to benefit from pre-dispute solutions and evolve the chargeback process to enhance the cardholder experience.”

The PayShield and Verifi relationship extends PayShield’s capabilities to provide advanced end-to-end payment protection to merchants and strengthens PayShield’s position as a leading provider of eCommerce fraud solutions.

‘Express Resolve’, a complimentary addition to PayShield’s fraud prevention platform, is already emerging as a particularly powerful and unique product in the AI-driven fraud prevention market and a formidable force in chargeback management, delivering higher win rates, reduction in manual reviews and increased profits.

About Verifi
Since 2005, Verifi has been a leader in the payments industry, providing innovative, end-to-end payment solutions that protect against fraud, prevent and resolve disputes, and recover revenue lost to chargebacks. In 2019, Verifi was acquired by Visa, combining technologies to provide enhanced fraud and dispute management solutions on a global scale. Verifi creates strategic, adaptive technologies for sellers, payment facilitators, acquirers, and issuers, building sustaining partnerships to deliver value, increase profits, and promote brand growth.

About PayShield
PayShield is committed to providing industry-transforming fraud and chargeback management solutions that protect eCommerce merchants from Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud whilst maximising online revenue. PayShield’s AI-based fraud prevention platform uses rule-based and machine learning techniques to detect and respond in real-time to deliver guaranteed fraud protection, instant chargeback reduction and immediate revenue recovery for merchants and partners worldwide.

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