PayShield Expands APAC Growth with eDefenders Japan Partnership

Written by PayShield

March 22, 2021

PayShield Expands APAC Growth with eDefenders Japan Partnership

The partnership supports increasing demand for fraud mitigation & chargeback management products and services in Japan.

[Brisbane, Australia – March 22, 2021] PayShield, an eCommerce fraud and chargeback prevention company, furthers expansion in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region through new strategic partnership with Tokyo-based chargeback protection firm eDefenders.

The partnership formalises the appointment of eDefenders as a reseller of PayShield’s fraud mitigation & chargeback management tools in Japan and seeks to provide a more comprehensive offering for merchants, acquirers and payment service providers operating in the region.

Leveraging PayShield’s near real-time fraud and chargeback prevention solutions, eDefenders customers can expect greater protection against fraudulent transactions, faster dispute resolution and an enhanced ability to retain and recover revenue all through a single integration.

The new partnership, follows a period of significant growth for the Japanese eCommerce market, estimated to reach USD $325.9 billion by 2026 and responds to a growing demand from Japanese merchants for comprehensive protection as they battle increased cardholder fraud, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sumito Otsuka, Strategy Marketing Director at eDefenders, commented, “We are excited by this partnership and the opportunity to deliver better value and greater protection to our customers with PayShield’s AI-based technology and fully customisable fraud solutions.

“eDefenders have great confidence in the strength of this partnership and anticipate significant growth as we work closely with PayShield to protect more Japanese businesses from chargebacks and fraud.”

PayShield’s Chief Executive Officer Daryn Griggs said, “Expansion into the Japanese market represents a significant opportunity for PayShield and is reflective of the regions needs and projected market growth.

“The partnership with eDefenders will enable us to deliver a dedicated customer experience and truly localised platform that is supportive of native language and processes. We look forward to bringing our expertise to the region and working alongside eDefenders to meet the evolving needs of Japanese e-commerce merchants.”

The partnership strengthens PayShield’s presence in the APAC, extending the company’s ability to support regional customers and drive greater opportunities in the region. The announcement follows a year of successful expansion for PayShield with operations now in Australia, Singapore, China, USA and Japan, with plans to continue expansion globally.

About eDefenders
Since 2013, eDefenders have been a leader in the chargeback prevention industry, delivering fraud mitigation and chargeback management solutions that prevent online fraud and maximise revenue. eDefenders’ innovative suite of products and services have been developed for eCommerce merchants, payment facilitators, issuers, and acquirers to provide effective fraud management, improve revenue retention and ensure sustainable business growth. Visit:

About PayShield
PayShield is committed to providing industry-transforming fraud and chargeback management solutions that protect eCommerce merchants from Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud whilst maximising online revenue. PayShield’s AI-based fraud prevention platform uses rule-based and machine learning techniques to detect and respond in real-time to deliver guaranteed fraud protection, instant chargeback reduction and immediate revenue recovery for merchants and partners worldwide.

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