Express Resolve

Fraud & Chargeback Management Solution

Rapid Dispute Resolution API

Fraud & Chargeback Management Solution
Increase pre-dispute resolution rates. Eliminate chargebacks.
Identify more genuine customers. Maximise revenue intake.
Enhance automation. Deliver better customer experiences.

PayShield’s Express Resolve solution comprises an extensive network of proprietary and third party fraud protection tools that are trusted by merchants to reduce eCommerce payments fraud, protect against chargebacks and optimise revenue.

Powered by advanced machine learning models and reinforced by PayShield’s industry know-how, merchants benefit from enhanced automation, increased pre-dispute resolution rates and greater protection of bottom-lines.

A powerful network of fraud solutions that meet the needs of businesses in any industry

A powerful network of fraud solutions

Powerful proprietary API sends and receives dispute alert data at industry-leading speeds.  PayShield’s expert fraud analysis team monitor the alerts and respond in compliance with scheme rules to ensure merchants are protected from chargebacks and ratios are kept below scheme thresholds.

  • Stop chargebacks & stay out of monitoring programs
  • Protect merchant accounts
  • Increase your approval rates

With over 25+ years of industry experience,  we know how to help businesses expertly navigate the chargeback process. PayShield’s team of fraud experts provide successful chargeback representment (including evidence compilation & seeking fee compensation) for any refunded alerts which have also become chargebacks.

  • Access to fraud specialist 24/7
  • Increased win rates
  • Recover lost revenue

TxFind integrates into Google to help cardholders quickly find unrecognized billing descriptors on their credit cards and identify merchant support details. With TxFind, cardholders can search recent transactions from a particular merchant using the last 6 digits of their card.

  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Maximise approvals

Rapid API interface with Verifi & Ethoca enabling businesses to identify and proactively resolve dispute alerts in near real-time.

  • Reduce manual reviews with automated decisioning
  • Instant chargeback reduction
  • Maximised revenue

Reduced fraud and enhanced security in online card payments using advanced fraud scoring against PayShield’s global database and greater authentication accuracy using 3DS 2.0.

  • Fraud liability shift from merchant back to card issuer
  • Optimised checkouts for maximum approvals
  • Fraudulent transactions are filtered and blocked

Near real-time service that pushes refunds to Visa and MasterCard via Original Credit Transactions. The service includes notifying cardholder the refund has been completed.

  • Near real-time processing
  • Improved customer experience
  • Automatic refunding (For US cardholders only at this stage)

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