Guaranteed protection from digital fraud and chargebacks

Grow your eCommerce business without the risk of fraud. We offer comprehensive fraud prevention solutions that are flexible, affordable and deliver immediate result – Guaranteed!

Guaranteed protection from digital fraud and chargebacks

Protect against online payments fraud and future-proof your ecommerce operations

Reduce chargeback volume immediately and mitigate future fraud occurrences

100% moneyback guarantee for eligible chargebacks. Never pay for a chargeback again!

Decrease false declines, improve customer experience and generate more revenue

What sets us apart

What sets us apart?

Our willingness and capability to adapt our solutions to empower merchants of any size to achieve their business goals.

We offer unique industry-specific APIS and a comprehensive range of customisable, value-add services that enhance business operations, protect against fraud, increase pre-dispute resolution rates and protect bottom-lines.

Engineered to deliver optimal results and maximum business value, PayShield’s solutions are simple to implement and guarantee return from day one.

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Protect against fraud and chargebacks with an extensive network of proprietary and third party fraud protection tools

Chargeback Prevention

We help merchants recover revenue lost to chargebacks, reduce dispute timeframes and protect merchant accounts.

Dark Web Fraud Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring of Dark Web & Social Media Forums to detect and prevent fraudulent attacks.

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